Playing lessons

Take the technical learnings from your individual lessons to the golf course…

Many people will spend hour’s fine tuning the swing in the hope that this will help them shoot lower scores. Whilst a technically correct swing will help, many forget playing lesson is equally as important. The purpose of golf is to take the fewest shots possible when getting the ball to the hole. However, in and amongst the focus on the technical aspects of the swing this can be neglected. The art of scoring is a vital part of the game and one that can only be learnt through game play.

To help you better your course management, our PGA Professional Andy Fletcher offers on-course playing lessons. In these lessons Andy will play or walk with you and provide advice on the following aspects of your game:

- Chipping and pitching;
- The shot and golf club selection;
- Sloping lies;
- Playing from the deep rough;
- Fairways and bunkers;
- Decision making skills;
- Course etiquette; and
- How to use a personal yardage planner.

On-course playing lessons are important for a number of reasons. They show you how effectively manage your way around the golf course, recover from poor lies and miss-hit shots, when to ‘attack’ a pin or when to ease off, when to take risk and how to plot your way around the course. Playing lessons are £70 per person, (including the cost of the green fee), last 2 hours and could be the answer to lowering your golfing scores. This is the most overlooked, yet possibly the most valuable, lesson format towards the development of your game. To book a playing lesson with Andy please telephone the shop direct on 01487 741541 or email him at

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